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Whether you are thinking of getting pierced and want to know how it will look, or just want to have fun “piercing” your friends, family or pets, ipierce is for you. iPierce is the application that allows you to add real piercings to any photo.

In iPierce you’ll find a collection of the hottest piercing to start creatively piercing your photos.  All you need to do is to take a new picture, or load a pre-existing photo from your library and drag the pieces of jewelry on top of it.  You can move, rotate, resize and position them wherever you want, and as many as you want.

When you are done you can save the image, mail it or share on facebook.

For those who are considering actually piercing themselves, some basic helpful tips about piercings are included.

How it works
Take a new photo or load one from your photo library, you can also use one of our models.
Next, choose a piece of jewelry by scrolling the top bar. Click on top of the chosen jewelry and it will appear on the picture. To position the jewelry, just drag it into place with your finger.
Using the different buttons you can change the size of the piercing, reposition it or rotate it. Click on top of the buttons since it is somewhat difficult to manipulate the jewelry with the iPhone finger swipe gesture.
If you want to remove all the piercing from the photo and restart, shake your iPhone and the pierces will “fall” off.
You can save your picture in your library or send it as an email or share on facebook.

Have fun!

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